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Specific prophylaxis of viral hepatitis A in children aged 12 months to 15 years inclusive.

-Allergiya to the active component parabolan cycle, one of the excipients included in the vaccine, neomycin, polysorbate; severe allergic reaction to previous administration Avaksima 80.
-Zabolevanie accompanied by fever, acute infectious or chronic disease in the acute stage. Vaccination is carried out 2-4 weeks after recovery, or in the period of convalescence, or remission. In non-severe acute respiratory viral infection, acute intestinal diseases and others. Vaccinations carried out immediately after the normalization of temperature.

Due to the lack of adequate data on the use of the vaccine in pregnant women, its use during pregnancy is not recommended.
The decision is only based on the evaluation of real risk should be taken of the vaccination of pregnant women infected with hepatitis A.
The vaccine can be used in lactation parabolan cycle.

parabolan cycleThe vaccine is injected intramuscularly in the deltoid muscle in the shoulder of a single dose of 0.5 ml twice with an interval of 6-18 months. In violation of the vaccination scheme the second administration must be carried out in the shortest possible time.
Children under 2 years of age the vaccine is administered into the upper outer thigh area.
Prior to injection, the syringe should be shaken until a homogeneous suspension. Prior to administration, make sure that the needle does not hit a blood vessel.
Patients with thrombocytopenia and other diseases of the blood coagulation system of the vaccine should be administered subcutaneously.

Do not use the vaccine in the event of a change in its color or the presence of foreign particles.

In clinical studies noted:
Frequently (1-10%):
reactions in the injection site: pain, redness, swelling or induration
-General reactions such as headache, from the parabolan cycle gastrointestinal tract disorders (abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea , vomiting), pain in the muscles or joints, transient behavior disorders (loss of appetite, insomnia, irritability), fever, and weakness.
in rare cases (0.1-1%) were observed cutaneous manifestations (rash, urticaria).
All adverse reactions were mild, occurred in the first few days after vaccination and were on their own.
The patient should be informed of the need to inform your doctor of the occurrence of severe reactions or any other adverse effects not mentioned in this manual parabolan dosage.

Immunosuppressive therapy, or immune deficiency may be the cause of a weak immune response to the vaccine.
The vaccine should never be administered in the intravascular direction or intradermally.

AWACS 80 may be administered simultaneously (in one day), in different parts of the body, with the national calendar of preventive vaccinations vaccines containing one or more of the following components: diphtheria toxoid, tetanus; pertussis vaccines (acellular or whole cell), Haemophilus influenzae type b, polio (live or inactivated).
The doctor should be informed about the recently held either coincides with the introduction of vaccination the child of any other drug, including – OTC.

One dose (0.5 ml) in 1 ml capacity syringe of glass type 1, hlorobrombutila of piston parabolan cycle, with a fixed stainless steel needle and a needle protection cap, placed in a transparent closed cell package.
In one syringe in a closed cellular packaging in the paper cartons, together with instructions for use Parabolan.

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